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Georgia Asphalt Paving Contractors is made up of the most experienced paving contractors in the state. We are proud of our strong reputation for quality, value, commitment to safety and the environment. Our commitment to doing things right, and doing them safely, can be seen across the state on projects such as school sites, department of transportation (DOT) roads, and private residential streets. We work in and around Douglasville, Kennesaw, and Woodstock GA.

We maintain the highest standards of integrity that are demanded by our customers and accepted by the communities we serve. Our construction methods and materials meet the most demanding requirements. Our employees are the most highly skilled, respected, and efficient in the business. We are industry leaders that follow the latest technologies to ensure customer satisfaction. Our role is not only to pave your road but to develop long-term relationships with our customers. With this, our company has three principles that we are most known for. Those three principles are excellent customer service, work, and affordable pricing.

These principles listed below are what help our company pave roads quickly and efficiently while providing quality workmanship.

Excellent Customer Services

We are not happy until you’re happy!

The customer service we provide is top-notch. We care about our customers and the work we do. We can easily be reached out to, and we can be flexible most of the time. Our team has polite manners and cares greatly about our customers. We are all-around great people to work with!

Excellent Work

Work that is Done Right!

We always abide by safety codes and regulations, ensuring that materials are appropriately delivered, stored, and placed. Our employees use the latest technologies to ensure accuracy without sacrificing productivity. We want your project to be completed on time while maintaining quality standards.

Affordable Pricing

Best Service at an Affordable Price!

We provide an affordable price that is fair to us and our customers. We are always open to giving discounts when it makes sense for the project. There are several options for customers to choose from, which means you can pick the price range that works for your budget.


Quality Work, Timely Service, and Competitive Pricing! You’ll receive excellent service from us, on time and within your budget. Get in touch with us today!


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100% Privacy Guaranteed.

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